According to France's L'Automobile Magazine, Audi's quite keen on expanding their RS lineup to include the Euro-only Q2 that we first saw in Geneva earlier this month.  It's a plan that should resonate with less affluent enthusiasts, although with no 'standard' Q2 coming to the states, any potential RS variants aren't worth holding your breath over.

Should the RS Q2 come to fruition, we'd wager the car will be equipped with Audi's high-output 2.0 TFSI coming in somewhere in the neighborhood of 300hp, and mated to an S tronic transmission.  Much like the RS Q3, the RS Q2 would have larger brakes, a lower ride height, and a more aggressive front bumper design, allowing for greatly enhanced cooling.

Coincidentally, X-Tomi Design recently completed a render of one such RS Q2, borrowing heavily from the RS Q3 to illustrate much of what we've described.  The RS package certainly looks appealing on a Q2, and lowering the price of entry to RS ownership would certainly be a change welcomed by many- ourselves included.

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