Normally a wagon like the RS6 makes for a great sleeper. After all, nobody expects a twin-turbo V8, 600 hp wagon. What if you want the extra space of the wagon, but want every single person who even gazes in your direction to know exactly how much performance you've got underhood.

Enter South African tuner Race!, and that's their exclamation point. The ADV.1 wheel dealer has added this over the top widebody kit they call the DarwinPro DTM to an Audi RS6. A track-ready front spoiler, massive fenders front and rear, diffuser, and more canards than a French duck pond. It's clearly DTM touring car-inspired and loaded with carbon and it's anything but understated.

They're calling it the Can't Race! Baby on Board, but lose the kid seat and we'll bet this RS6 can make that diaper run in record time. Watch the video and let the visuals of this Audi sink in.