This might be the fastest Audi S2 you'll ever see. It's very loud, and it's very fast. And by the look of it, it's very hard to drive. Plus it runs 197 mph in the standing kilometer.

The S2 was based on the Audi Coupe and showed up in 1990. It came with a 2.2L turbo-five that made 217 hp. But the five-cylinder is long gone from this one.

In its place is the VR6 engine from a Golf R32. And a really big turbo with an intercooler bigger than most radiators. Enough of a turbo to make nearly 30 pounds of boost with the exhaust dumping straight out of the hood, accompanied by enough mods to support the huge power figure.

What does that mean? 1,350 hp. 0-204 mph in 14.8 seconds. And a hell of a launch control-popping takeoff.