It’s hard to believe that the first S8 will be 25 next year. The good news—if we don’t worry too much about time’s ceaseless march against us—is that it’s just about to crest into that sweet spot of design age.

The 30-year cycle, that beautiful cycle of nostalgia that brings the delights of our youth into the present is bringing the first S8 back en vogue. And Auditography is there to give the S8 the closeup it deserves.

Not only does the original S8 look slimmer than the modern car, it weighs quite a bit less, too. Tipping the scales at 3,800 lbs, it weighs nearly 900 lbs less than the modern car. Mind you, making around 340 hp, it also makes a lot less than today’s 563 hp bullet.

So it’s not all progress, but you’d still be hard-pressed to talk me out of the OG.