Pardon this break from our regularly scheduled Wörthersee day gallery programming. A solid weekend of victories for Audi Sport plus a day on location at AP Tuning for progress on our Project B85 allroad and we've spent the last few days spread a bit thin. Nevertheless, UK contributor Si Gray has been sending us content from Wörthersee and we plan on a rapid synchronization with Mr. Gray.


This morning that means a look at day two on location Faak. Yes, Faak. The translation is either humorous or tragic depending on who you ask, but what you see there is nothing short of eye-opening. This town along lake Wörthersee is a popular stop for converging owners to hang about and ogle each others' cars.


When stated that way it sounds so orderly and organized, but it is important to remember that we're still nearly two weeks away from the main show days at Wörthersee. While the event is becoming more like a several week festival, Faak and the road to it have become more like a parking lot. Si reports that the normally 20-minute drive from his hotel in Eni to Faak took more than two hours.


Modified Audi models on display in Faak range in age. One of the oldest of the four-ringers must certainly be this Audi 60 model. Built from the era just before the Volkswagen Group's ownership, these models are becoming quite rare even in stock or original form. As such, seeing one this heavily modified may make traditionalists wince, but we're appreciating the trend of resto-custom  builds keeping tastefully period correct styling. Of course, the car is much lower than an original ever was and those larger modular interpretations of the Porsche 914 four-spoke Fuchs-inspired wheel seem fitting in chronological way.


Of the newer variety is another notchback from Audi, this time the A3 sedan. We're noticing a big trend by owners of the latest MQB-based A3 of fitting large OZ Superturismo wheels. It is decidedly a thing, and we are guessing that either one seriously influential owner did it first or perhaps these are young Brits and Europeans who grew up watching OZ-clad Audi A4 super touring cars dicing it up in the BTCC, STW and other national touring car series. Those cars dominated the world in 1996, and their OZ Superturismo fitted look seems to be dominating these modern interpretations of that generation B5 A4.


Also part of the jam in Faak is the discovery of the event by non VAG car owners. This doesn't count Porsches that area also now showing in greater and greater numbers as cars like 964s and Caymans become popular tuning platforms for enthusiasts, but also cars completely unrelated to the Volkswagen Group.


Expect more coverage of days three and four to come later today. We'll continue to post reports throughout the event via our blog. We’ll be adding a master Wörthersee feature to our cover rotation soon. In the meantime, check out today’s photos in the story below and note the link to our master Wörthersee gallery in the usual spots below and also to the right of this story.