Like all automotive icons of the 1980s, the market value of Audi's Sport quattro has gone completely berserk.  According to the classic car experts at Hagerty, examples can fetch anywhere from $400,000 for a concours-winner, to a shade over $200,000 for a solid running chassis.  When charted out, the valuation history actually resembles the car's power band fairly closely.  How ironic.
Sensing a trend, Lithuanian outfit S1Performance has stepped forward to create true-to-form Sport quattro replicas by shortening B2 donor coupes to the proper length, grafting on flared arches and making the other necissary modifications to get your dream build underway.  If you'd like, they'll even complete the full build for you, complete with an FIA-approved cage, 6 HELLA fog lights, and a 2.2L 5-cylinder that's good for 450-500hp.  It certainly seems like quite the offer.
As many of us won't be heading to Lithuania in the near future, S1Performance has release a video of one such completed build, detailing the finer parts of the car and showing it in motion.  From what we can see, the S1Performance replica looks to be a dead-ringer for the original car, and something we wouldn't mind putting on our own garage.  The only real question is what color we'd paint it.

Learn more about the conversion by S1Performance, here .