When you put out a request for an Uber ride on your mobile, you've likely got visions of a Town Car or Escalade in your head. Maybe if you're in Europe you expect the Euro equivalent like an anonymous E-class. However, if you were on lucky fan who calls at just the right time, you'd have gotten Jon Olsson in his bonkers Audi RS 6 DTM.

Never to be a wallflower or hide what he does, Jon has been spending time ahead of the next Gumball Rally thinking up things to do in order to promote himself, his car and his upcoming road rally campaign. Getting together with Uber, it seems the Swedish pro skier made one hell of a PR stunt out of a single uber run. Even better, you can watch it here.

[vsw id="C0-gUXEkBoo" source="youtube" width="560" height="315" autoplay="no"]