John Hindhaugh is unquestionably at the top of his game in the announcing booth as the voice of endurance motorsports, and Tom Kristensen, while currently serving as an Audi brand ambassador instead, could certainly still compete at the top level.  But with Hindhaugh behind the wheel and Kristensen mic'd up, the results are a bit different.  After all, Tom Kristensen earned the nickname "Mr. Le Mans" by being a great driver, not a great passenger.  See what we mean in the clip below.

As you can see, Tom is visibly uncomfortable with Hindhaugh behind the wheel of an RS 5, completing his first ever laps of the storied Sebring International Raceway.  But once settled in, TK does an admirable job of keeping his composure and going into great detail, reliving some of his experiences at the track.  Still, we can't help but think that seeing Tom is the passenger seat is a bit like watching Peyton Manning run a deep route- it's just, well, weird.