We're not quite sure why it took so long for someone to do this, but we are certainly glad that Jeff Glucker and company over at Hooniverse finally stepped up to the plate.  In the video below, Jason Conner takes a 605hp Audi RS 7 performance up to Coalinga, California to participate in Shift S3ctor's Airstrip Attack, a trap speed contest and roll racing event held on (you guessed it) an airport runway.  As they say, you won't believe what happens next.
To put it bluntly, the RS 7 performance does an admirable job of beating up on pretty much every other stock vehicle in attendance, including heavyweights like a 707hp Dodge Challenger Hellcat and a Ferrari 458 Italia, and even a few tuned cars too.  Unsurprisingly these victories came as somewhat of a shock to Mr. Conner, at one point commenting "oh, this isn't pretty" as the aforementioned 458 faded in his rear view mirror.  But to us, a large Audi sedan beating up on the $240,000+ Italian exotic is just about the most beautiful thing we can imagine.

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