When it comes to console-based simulation racing, there's really only one choice- if you have an Xbox, you get Forza, and if you've opted for the Playstation, you pick up Gran Turismo.  For those with the Sony machine, the current-generation Gran Truismo game they've been promised has yet to be released, a full two and a half years after the console was originally made available.  Mercifully, developer Polophony Digital has finally released an actual gameplay trailer and revised release date for their upcoming title Gran Truismo Sport, and much to our delight, it includes some Audi product as well as a brand new Livery Editor.
Coming as somewhat of a Prologue to the eventual Gran Turismo 7, Gran Turismo Sport boasts online competitions sanctioned by the FIA, Playstation VR support, 27 different circuits, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 140 cars.  Of those 140, we now know that Audi's R18, R8 LMS and TT S will be on the roster. Once the final car list is announced, we anticipate quite a few to be Audi, as 29 of Gran Turismo 6's 1197 wear the four rings.

Gran Turismo Sport comes to the PS4 on November 15ht, but for the time being, check out the trailer above, and take a peek at some of the racing action from this week's press event below.