Springtime at the Nürburgring means only one thing- manufacturer test days.  Carmakers from around the globe have flooded to the German countryside to test their upcoming models, and Audi is no different.  The other day, we first saw the yet-to-be-shown RS 4 being driven in anger, but to be honest, we were slightly more interested in the TT RS that preceded it on-track.  Thanks to Car Spy News, we now have video of both the TT RS Coupe we spotted, but also it's convertible sibling.  Let's take a look.

As we've been hearing for quite some time, the 2.5 TFSI is back in full force, although it has reportedly been updated internally and will offer more power directly from the factory.  The deep chin spoiler and fixed rear wing first seen on the " gas station car " are both present, drawing clear inspiration from the TT 420 quattro sport concept , certainly reinforcing the more "aggressive" design language we've been told by Audi insiders to expect from upcoming RS cars.

Unfortunately that's not the only TT RS spy video that's popped up though, as one test driver seems to have lost the rear end of his, sending the car into a retaining wall and damaging the rear suspension quite badly.  While it looks like the driver is unharmed, this is certainly troubling for quattro GmbH, as their prototype is both damaged and exposed for a short period of time before a second driver comes to help place a cover over the vehicle.  At least no one can make a supremely clever and completely original "Audi understeer" joke about this one.

Keep it locked here for more Audi TT RS info as we get it.