If you're an ardent fan of Le Mans, then you may have caught last year's stop motion tribute to the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The video was a mix of hundreds of photos run in video format to create an incredibly picturesque stop motion homage. Audi Sport liked it so much, they worked with Camden this year to replicate the work with a decided focus on Audi.

As photographers go, American born Camden Thrasher is one of our favorites amongst motorsport shooters. His distinct artistic style adds a level of intimacy to racing juxtaposed with the more common modern shooters that are technically savvy but artistically more unimaginative. Even amongst artistic shooters though, Camden tends to stand out and we love it when we see his work as it applies to Audi Sport or races we love to attend.

We've embedded both videos below. Audi reports that the 2015 version, up first, uses over 1,100 photos of Thrasher's in order to make the 2:06 minute spot. Watch it here.

[vsw id="_4LfHUC_i78" source="youtube" width="560" height="315" autoplay="no"]

The second video is a general look at Le Mans as shot by Camden and produced by /DRIVE. Especially as the 2014 winner, Audi Sport is still a part of the video but it has more of a general feel. Watch it here.

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