Fans of Top Gear probably know that there are different versions of the show all over the world and this one, from Poland, seems to follow the same basic recipe as the original British version: get two big cars with similar performance and drag race them.

For this test, the Poles even got two cars that share some DNA, the Audi S8 Plus and the Porsche Panamera Turbo. Both are equipped with a V8, though Porsche’s 4.8L engine produces less power and torque than the Audi’s 4.0L engine—Audi: 596hp and 553 lb-ft Porsche: 512hp and 516 lb-ft.

The Panamera weighs a little less, but it’s not enough to keep the S8 Plus from out accelerating it to 60 by 0.1 second (Audi: 3.8s Porsche: 3.9s).

That may sound close, but the result, in this drag race anyway, isn’t really all that close. From the very beginning, the S8 Plus has the Porsche’s number and by the end of the race of indeterminate length the Audi is well ahead.

Eventually, the Porsche would beat the Audi, because the S8 Plus is limited to 155 mph, while the Porsche can climb all the way up to 189 mph, but everywhere it matters, the Audi beats the bulbous Porsche.