We like hillclimbs.  It's a very straightforward form of motorsport- start at this point, finish at that one, and experience a change in altitude somewhere in between.  We also like that recently, Europeans have been repurposing ex-BTCC, DTM and other spec-series cars for the discipline, meaning that the cars we've loved in years past now get a new lease on life.  Such is the case with the A4 STW featured in the video below.

Campaigned by Danny Krieg in the Swiss Hillclimb Championship, the 309hp A4 racecar seems to move quite well through the course.  This of course is due in part to a scant 1040kg curb weight (2292lbs), a sequential gearbox and properly dialed in suspension settings which allow the car to rotate through the corners, despite wearing Avon slicks.  For those after a more life-like viewing experience, stick around past the 2:30 mark for an onboard camera that also displays telemetry data.

Learn more about this Audi A4 STW, here.