Geneva season is always a special time of year, as something significant seems to be revealed or at least teased each and every day.  The latest of these teasers comes from ABT Sportsline, showing off what appears to be an R8 and a Q7 under covers.  So far as we can tell, the R8 has a much larger rear wing and possibly a redesigned front bumper, much like that previously featured in their product suite for the older R8.  We also expect the car to come packing additional power as well.

As for the Q7, we're really not quite sure what bits will be upgraded.  We can clearly see ABT's signature wheel design, but from the film it is difficult to see if the ride height has been altered.  It is also difficult to tell what exactly has been done to the body lines.  In keeping with ABT's traditional enhancements, we do expect to see a more aggressive bumper treatment and some sort of power enhancement.

The Geneva Motor Show kicks off on February 29th.