There is a very rare Audi prototype coming up for auction at Silverstone Auctions at the end of this week. The Quattro is believed to be the first right-hooker in the UK, one of just two known to survive.

The Audi Quattro is the car that really brought all-wheel drive performance to the market. It changed the rally world too. And now Quattros in good shape are bringing big money.

This one is a little more rare than most. Seeing how it's a pre-production prototype, it probably shouldn't have survived at all. But is has, and it looks to be in excellent shape.

The prototypes for the UK were built on the C chassis cars. That means the 1983 brakes and suspension as well as quad headlights. The production Quattros that first made it across the channel didn't get those changes. This is one of just 12 that were ever built and only one other is known to still exist. Or at least still be registered.

The car has was in storage from 1997 to 2016. A new owner acquired the car and had "extensive recommissioning work" done, according to the listing. That means a full service, replaced top mounts and fuel pump. The next year it got a new exhaust. Then the car was resprayed in its original color.

The car sells on the 29th and is expected to bring close to £60,000.

[source: Autoclassics ]