Another A3-based test mule has popped up amidst the frigid winter backdrop of the cold weather testing cycles, this time around a drop-top Cabriolet. Like the A3 sedan we reported on earlier, the car shows fresh details of the upcoming A3-family facelift (a.k.a. Product Improvement, a.k.a. P.I.).


While we've no doubt more of our enthusiast readers will likely prefer the hard-top sedan to the drop-top Cabriolet when it comes to ownership, we suspect this particular car will be even more newsworthy than the sedan.

Why's that? Well, we think it previews the S3.

No, there is no S3 Cabriolet. Well, there is in Europe, but not in the USA.



Frankly, we're nearly positive this isn't an S3 Cabriolet. Like the current A3 Cabriolet S line, the car wears a single pair of dual round exhaust tips. S-cars tend to carry quad round tips - a pair at each end.


So why all this talk of S3? Longtime Audi enthusiasts probably already have that part figured out. Even an A3 S line is significant in this case, because an A3 S line very likely reveals the bodywork of the S-car versions as well.


Looking closely at this A3 Cabriolet and the A3 sedan we reported on earlier, you can very clearly see this has a different and more aggressive front fascia. In as much, expect the S3 versions of the upcoming facelift A3 family to wear like fascias.

Check out more photos of the A3 S line Cabriolet test mule in our photo gallery linked below and also to the right of this story.