We'll be frank. We're a bit jealous of the fleet of cars that regularly make their way through the garage doors of San Diego-based TAG Motorsports. Case in point is this intensely blue Audi RS 7 fitted with a very unique-looking set of wheels.


Let's start with the stylistic elephants in the room. First up is the color, thanks to a custom two layer wrap using KPMF Gold Star Light matte overtop a layer of Avery Dark Blue Base vinyl. The end result is very impressive, accenting the subtle lines and cuts of the RS 7's bodywork in a way we simply haven't seen before.


Next up are those wheels. Specifically, they're Rotiform's latest dubbed HUR... so the striking resemblance to the factory alloys fitted to the Lamborghini HURacan shouldn't be too much of a surprise. The aggressive look adds to the healthy level of agresssion already native in the design of the RS 7.


Of course there are more modifications. The factory carbon fiber appearance package is augmented through the addition of a few more carbon pieces. For starters, there's the TAG Motorsports carbon rear spoiler set off by TAG's own black badging package also. The carbon theme continues at the absolute rear with gloss black carbon tips fitted to a titanium exhaust from Akrapovic... yes, the same Akrapovic that supplies titanium exhaust systems for the Audi R18 e-tron quattro.


Other modification to the car include an H&R lowering module, a plug-and-play installation that handily bestows the RS 7 with more aggressive ride height and also handling. Additional power also comes from an AWE Tuning S-Flo carbon intake paired with GIAC software upgrade.


Okay, so the color and those wheels may make for an "eye candy" theme, but there's no doubt that any RS 7 is more than just something to look at. The car obviously has as much go as it does show, but the net result of this particular TAG Motorsports tuned RS 7 is still considerably compelling.

More Information: TAG Motorsports