Want to change the look of your New Audi S3? Now you can purchase a genuine TAG Motorsports Cosmetic Package using all OEM Parts shipped right to your door.

Unlike some cheap imitation parts found around the internet, all parts included begin life as OEM badges specific to your vehicle, then are professionally painted in-house at TAG Motorsports. Parts are then packaged and shipped to you.

Green S4 badging-2

TAG Motorsports Black-Out Cosmetic Packages offer a 1 Year Warranty on all painted parts and emblems. Finishes offered include Gloss Black, Satin Black, and even custom colors. Color changes are offered if you wish to change the red rhombus Audi Sport logo as well.

S3 Blackout-2

Though TAG Motorsports own in-house Daytona Grey S3 sedan development car is the most recent car to wear the Black-Out Cosmetic Package look, it is by no means the first. TAG has performed these signature TAG Cosmetic Packages on other models as can be seen below.

Audi SD Blackout-1

Though applications for the S3, S4, S7 and RS 5 are shown here, the custom nature of the TAG Motorsports Black-Out Cosmetic Packages means a virtually limitless range of applicability to Audi cars and other models, as well as color combinations to suit any owners' needs.

TAG- Jackson S7 HRE-11

More on the Audi S3 application shown here can be found via this link to the TAG Motorsports website . Contact TAG Motorsports for specific applicability to your car and/or custom requirements for your particular application.