Audi is stretching the Q5, adding to the long list of small cars and SUVs that are getting longer for the Chinese market.

There aren't any official photos yet, but we've done this rendering that should give you an idea of what to expect.

Ok, that photo might be exaggerated, but it's not that far off. The Q5L will get an extra 3.5-inches added to the wheelbase, with all of it going to rear-seat passengers. The stretch is entirely in the rear doors, so other than an extra long rear door, the Q5L will look like the regular Q5. Think A8 vs A8L.

That extra length will give rear-seat passengers an extra-long double sunroof as well.

The report says that there will be a pair of 2.0L turbo-fours available, one with 190 hp and one with 250 hp. The more powerful one gets quattro all-wheel drive.

It's the first long wheelbase SUV for Audi in China, and will be built at the FAW-Volkswagen joint venture plant. The Q5L will start at around 380,000 yuan when it arrives early next year. That's about $57,000 US.

[source: Car News China ]