We know that Audi's upcoming S5 Sportback will be coming to the US .  We can make an extremely educated guess that it'll be powered by the same V6T found in the S4, with 354hp and 369 lb-ft of torque driving all four wheels.  And thankfully after today's spot by the photographers at CarPix, we know have a pretty good idea of how it'll look.

Proudly displaying exaggerated rear quarter flares, an extremely dynamic belt line crease over the rear wheel opening and small lip spoiler, we're happy to report that the S5 Sportback will be much more visually aggressive than it's S4 counterpart.  We can also see a tail light design looking nearly identical to what will be found on the S4, which works to make the S5 look lower and wider than measurements would suggest.  

Up front we can see a very S4-esque front bumper layout, and a slightly different headlight design than what's seen on the current A4 and S4.  It might just be the camo, but from the looks of it, the S5's lights have a very R8 feel to them.  While this certainly wouldn't make us unhappy, we think something more akin to the S4's are a more likely play.

We still, however, are unsure of when exactly the A5 and S5 will be shown to the public.  Smart money will be bet on September's Paris Auto Salon, but if the leaked timeline is to be believed, it may need to come even sooner.  Still, we will be watching this one quite closely.

See additional images of this S5 here , and keep an eye out for future updates about the S5 on Fourtitude.