If the product road map leaked earlier this year is to be believed, Audi's next-generation Q5 is coming in May of next year, meaning that we should see the production build later this year, possibly as early as October at the Paris Motor Show.  And while we know that the Q5 will mimic the all-new Q7 in form, we've yet to have a good look at the upcoming model.  Earlier today with out and about in New York City, Audi Club of North America member Lloyd Sher spotted a Q5 test mule undergoing evaluation in the city, and was kind enough to send us two photos.


In looking closely at the Q5's lines, we can clearly see that in many ways, the car is exactly the scaled-down Q7 we expected with it's distinctive headlights and exaggerated belt-line crease.  From the images, we can also tell that the side mirrors have moved from the window onto the door in an effort to lower the drag coefficient, much like the B9 A4.  And while the Q5 looks to be roughly the same size as the outgoing model, there unfortunately is no way to confirm it.


Thanks to Lloyd for the tip!