If you're anything like us then you probably watch Jerry Seinfeld's web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee both for general car geekiness and also sheer entertainment value. Alas, Jerry has yet to use a four-ringer on one of his webisodes, though this season's premier episode featuring Julia Louis-Dreyfus and a 1964 Aston Martin DB5 is riddled with Audi placement not the least of which is a Q7 toting Hillary Swank.

Okay, so technically Comedians in Cars... is an Acura joint, but knowing they've got a great thing on their hands, Acura doesn't really push Jerry to be overly commercial... unless it's by design. In as much, you get what you get with these installments, which is generally Seinfeld talking to a very entertaining comedian driving whatever the hell Seinfeld wants to drive. The model works for us and many, many more given the runaway success of the series.

This time around, we couldn't help but notice all the unintentional Audi placement. There's the A7 parked in front of Julia's house (likely hers), and the A6 in the driveway of her neighbor across the street. There's the black Q7 in the background when an errant parker almost collides with Jerry's Aston Martin. Those may be too subtle for all but the most trained brand eye, but then there's Hillary Swank who gets an unintentional cameo when she and Julia spot each other in Hollywood traffic. Swank's ride of choice is a silver Q7 S line.

Hillary Swank and Her Audi Q7 S line

So yeah, there are a lot of Audis in Hollywood. Perhaps we already knew that, but it was funny to see. We wish there were more Audis in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee but to be honest, we'd keep watching even if there never were... because it's fantastic.

While we doubt Jerry reads this site because he's a pretty unabashed Porsche guy and this is not a Porsche site (nor Acura for that matter), we'll add this here on the off chance he googles something clever and misspells it so badly that google thinks it can be found on this page. In that case, we'd like to point out that we could get him hooked up with a nice red Audi Sport quattro for the show should he need it.

In the meantime, make sure to watch Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee  HERE .