There was never really a question of whether Audi will build an R8 Spyder or bring it to the USA. The last car was a runaway success, and a drop-top version of the new car is a foregone conclusion. Given it wasn't a question of "if "and rather simply a question of "when", we  offer you the below schedule of launches for the North American market that includes the R8 Spyder.


This table, believed to be real, popped up on Instagram and elsewhere on the web earlier this week. It highlights the new car launch cadence for Audi of America. Any number of new models appear to be confirmed here, but in this case we'll focus on the R8 Spyder.

It appears that car will drop in about a year,  April of 2017 and likely as a MY2018. Given Audi's usual cadence, this puts in the European market likely before the end of the year. Providing all of our other projections are accurate, we're guessing the car will debut sometime in the latter half of this year and very likely in Paris this September. We'd further guess it'll follow that up with an American debut in Los Angeles.


As per our earlier story about an R8 V6T , we expect a Spyder version with that engine to launch alongside the coupe when it arrives in 2018.


What will it look like? Well, spy photos of the car have already been published, and even without them it wouldn't be hard to guess. The new R8's split side blade design likely means that this new Spyder will have the lower half of the signature blade design... something the first-generation car did not get.

Our header above is a photoshop of just such a car as imagined by RM Design. For more on their work, you can check out their website HERE .