It's no secret that Audi's been seriously considering drawing a direct line between the popularity of today's popular SUV/offroad inspired product popularity and its 1980s era rallying prowess. Concepts like the R8-based Nanuk quattro and TT offroad have pointed the way to such future products, though AutoBild suggests it is the RS 6 that may actually spawn the first such super sports car on which to affix this genetic line back to rallying.

If the AutoBild rumor is correct, then Audi is readying an allroad with RS attributes. Effectively, it'd be an RS 6 and allroad mashup, with allroad cladding and the RS 6's 560 hp 4.0 TFSI. The line of intel from Autobild also states that the car was created mainly with China in mind (thanks Chinese market!) and that it could be in market by fall 2016... which would suggest it may yet by C7-based.

Not since the first allroad with its 2.7T and available 6-speed manual transmission has an allroad product had quite the level of performance bonafides. Current allroads are more luxurious Avant with off-road flair than off-road performance beast. Likely an RS 6 version would take the allroad moniker to heights as-of-yet unseen in any allroad, including the first one.

Check out more information on this rumor at AutoBild ( HERE in GERMAN  and HERE in ENGLISH via Google Translate).