For about as long as I can recall, I've tuned into Rolex 24 coverage to watch top drivers from around the world do battle at the Daytona Motor Speedway for 24 full hours.  In recent years, the event has morphed into a sort-of boy's weekend for my friends and I, huddling around the television and a few laptops to see the race from nearly every vantage point made available online.  We've done just about everything short of actually attending the race.  Until now.


Tomorrow morning, we're heading south.  Starting from the suburbs of this nation's capital, myself and two companions will spend roughly 12 hours on Interstate 95, trading the snowy Mid-Atlantc for palm trees, sunshine and one of the most famous racing events in the world.  But like with most road-trips we've done, our vehicle of choice is the real star here.


One of just 5 Audi S3 exclusive editions to be offered in Viper Green, our Audi is about as Florida as it gets.  Making it stand out just a bit more than it already does, this car has been outfitted with the full line of Audi Accessories- Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps and Rear Wing, custom powder-coated wheels, Sound Enhancement kit (which deletes the center resonator), Audi Beam puddle lights with quattro script, and a full Black-Optic conversion.  Because we were snowed in last weekend, we also threw on a set of H&R Springs that were laying around to enhance both handling and appearance.


Seeing as this is about the furthest you can get from the 'basic'-spec A3 you see flooding the parking lots of your Alma Mater's various sororities, we're fully expecting to be spotted at some point.  But with a color this bright and a trip this long, we just hope it's not the wrong kind of attention.

Keep an eye on our Instagram  account for updates from the 'Rolex Transit 24', and be on the lookout for the car in Daytona if you happen to be attending the race.