Combine several prologue concepts with extremely high expectations and the anticipation surrounding the upcoming A7, A6 and A8 models coming from Audi is palpable. That new Audi design boss Marc Lichte has hinted of an even more aggressive A7 has only fueled the flames, so we took notice of these new renderings from RM Design with great interest.

We've noted several intel stories over the past few weeks about these upcoming cars. Most recently, Greg Kable touched upon development specifics for the A6, and touched upon the A6 and A7.

Not surprisingly, the new A7 will make better use of space for larger interior, but some rumors also point to the car being bigger in general and spreading the gap more between the A6 and the A8 models.

RM Design has done several renders based on the prologue concept. We've included one in this story but you can find a higher-resolution version and also a rear shot via this link to the RM Design website .

Thanks Chris C for the tip.