With the most telling images of the next-generation TT RS surfacing just hours ago, I guess there's no time quite like the present to post these renders sent to us by Tobias Büttner.  Using bits of the TT quattro sport concept from 2014's Geneva Motor Show, and combining those with elements from the TT clubsport turbo concept originally seen at Wörthersee in 2015, Tobias makes a strong case for what he believes the production RS will look like.


The render starts with much of the bodywork from the aforementioned quattro sport concept and softening the lines slightly, leaving the much more aggressive front and rear bumper designs, and pairing that with the production TT S's side sills and a rear spoiler which seems to be lifted from the previous generation car.  To finish the car off, Tobias used the distinct wheel design from Audi's TT clubsport turbo concept, and lowering the ride height slightly.


While we haven't seen a finished version of the TT RS just yet, we've got our fingers crossed that it'll look something like this.  We'll know for sure when it is finally revealed later this year, likely at the Paris Motor Show.