After the recent leak of Audi's RS3 on Instagram, it seems that the facelift A3 will look much like a scaled down A4.  By that metric, then the next RS 4 would logically look much like the RS 3, only a bit larger and possibly in avant form.  Taking this very safe viewpoint and running with it, Tobias Büttner has sent us a very educated guess at what the B9 RS 4 will have in store.


To allow for additional cooling for the rumored turbocharged V6 power plant, Tobias has borrowed the generously vented front bumper design from Audi's new RS Q3, and grafted that to a press photo of the latest A4 avant.  Seeing as merely a bumper does not an RS make, Tobias has also added larger brakes, wheels, simulated box flares, a slightly more aggressive rear bumper and trademark oval exhaust outlets.  Based on what we've seen of Audi's latest RS cars so far, this might just be fairly close to the final product.


Traditionally, the RS 4 comes after a product improvement, meaning that the car may not break cover for quite some time.   Still, we'll be watching this one very, very closely.