The game of 'What if' gets played more often than I'd ever care to admit around our offices.  Topics generally range from which RS model Audi should make next, to 25 year old import-eligible Group B rally cars, but it never fails to completely kill productivity for a brief period of time.  Fortunately for us, when it comes to RS-related speculation, there are many talented individuals around the web who give us the visuals to accompany our opinions.
Most recently, render artist Sebastian Ladan supplemented one such discussion with this take on an RS 6 sedan.  Now, we consider ourselves to have an unapologetic pro-avant stance, but we also acknowledge that not all are so enthusiastic about the long roof body shape.  With this in mind, a new RS 6 in sedan form just might be something Audi has considered, and we've got to admit, this render certainly does look the part.  Still, we don't think we'd be able to choose it over an avant if ever given the choice.

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