It all started with a question- what will Motorsport look like in 2039?  This may sound simple, but with ever-tightening sound and safety regulations, the car of that era may not compete on anything like what we've seen.  It was with these questions in mind that German design student Peter Semenov put pen to paper on a car which showed both vast leaps in technological innovation and a clear line to legendary designs of Audi's past.

With his "Audi Eins" concept, Semenov drew heavily from Audi's 90 IMSA GTO, especially the iconic white BBS 'turbofan' wheels and prominent red rear spoiler.  Unlike the 90 though, Semenov's vision ditches the 700hp five-cylinder for an unquestionably more future-friendly electric drivetrain, still sending power to all four corners.

While taking cues from the 90 IMSA GTO is something we can all get behind, this one is just a bit more special, as 2039 will mark the 50th anniversary of the model, a racecar which quickly became a legend among those who follow motorsport closely.

Take a closer look at Semenov's work, here.