The on again, off again, and now most certainly on Audi R8 e-tron has been finally spotted in the wild, sans camouflage, and at the Nurburgring, no less.  Already having been revealed and destined for showrooms in the not-too distant future, the reason for this field trip is likely to perform final preparation work and suspension tweaks, ensuring that their new electric supercar will be able to run circles around BMW's i8 when the inevitable comparisons begin.  But for enthusiasts of the brand, it's more of an opportunity to see the extremely limited production and not for US consumption electric being put through it's paces, and to dissect the subtle design cues carried throughout.


Filled with striking design cues, the new R8 is certainly not boring to look at.  But in keeping with the e-tron theme,  Audi has made subtle changes like the silver kidney grilles, and the orange light protruding from behind the side intake to set the car apart from it's 'standard' counterpart.  And because subtle can only get you so far, Audi has adopted the vented hood from the previous R8 e-tron concept and similar to that used on the current R8 GT3, as well as an aggressive rear lip spoiler which has yet to be seen on any other MSS-based R8.  We think it'll only be a matter of time until both of these pieces find their way onto a standard car.


Check out additional photos of the R8 e-tron below, and keep an eye out for more information on the car as it comes nearer to production.