You’ve had a little time since Le Mans to think about your second win. What aspect of the 2012 season will you remember the best?
It was once again a fantastically exciting battle. Even though there wasn’t a strong external opponent running to the end of the race the internal competition was a great incentive. So, the race was extremely tough for us. At the end it was a fantastic victory for the Audi R18 e-tron quattro. I enjoyed the summer in the Provence while my two team mates drove in other races.

The next tasks loom on the horizon. You are currently lying second in the FIA Endurance World Championship (WEC); the toughest opponents come from within your own team. Do you expect a battle all the way to the finale?
Absolutely, fans of endurance motor racing can look forward to a thrilling battle. The championship is still wide open, at Le Mans the drivers in car numbers 1 and 2 staged a battle for victory for a long time, and in the WEC season up to now three different Audi driver line-ups have won. So, anything is possible.

You are in your third season at Audi, mounted the podium three times in succession at Le Mans of which two were victories. What do you like the most about this brand?
Motorsport is a fixed part of the company’s culture. It’s fantastic to see that our performances are a fixed component of the brand and its image and that we help engineers to develop technology for the future.