Since the reveal of the Audi A3 concept in 2011, like thousands of enthusiasts globally, I had hoped this meant an Audi S3 was on the horizon. After patiently waiting for news that the Audi S3 will come to the United States, that moment finally came in November 2013 when Audi of America showed the S3 in the U.S for the first time at the L.A Auto Show and I simply fell in love with the car and knew without a doubt, this was my next car. Now I just needed to wait for pricing, which luckily came a few short months later.

I patiently waited 2 months for the car to arrive stateside. That day came on August 22 nd , 2014 when my S3 was delivered to Audi Chantilly. From the introduction of that first concept car at the Geneva Auto Show to my S3 sitting in my driveway, it took nearly 3 years and 5 months though the wait was well worth it.

I was lucky enough to be one of the few who took delivery of a 2015 Daytona Grey Audi S3 Limited Edition, one of the first cars in the country, and all I can say is, WOW. While I never had any doubts about ordering the car, I couldn’t be happier with how the car came out. A few thoughts below, followed by the plans for the car and finally some pictures.

First Impressions:From an aesthetics point of view, the car is gorgeous. I ordered mine equipped with the 19” Performance Package, which included the Audi magnetic ride and 19" 5-double-spoke-Star-design wheels with 235/35 summer tires. While I wasn’t thrilled with the 19" 5-double-spoke-Star-design wheels from initial images, it looks absolutely incredible in person and especially with the titanium finish. The grill is very prominent and really helps separate the S3 from the A3.

The ride quality and steering are much better than I anticipated. Having the ability to adjust the suspension on the fly was a huge plus, and while I haven’t had the pleasure of driving a non-Audi magnetic ride S3, I can’t imagine ordering one without it after driving the car. Steering changes dramatically between the different modes; when in comfort, it’s very easy to turn the wheel. You can almost turn the wheel with a single finger. On the flip side, put the car in dynamic mode and suddenly the steering is much stiffer and helps provide the driver a lot more feedback.
Project S3: Introduction

Performance... it’s all about performance. The car isn’t completely broken in yet, but from the few times I’ve pushed the car close to redline – I've found it’s insanely quick. In fact, it’s a lot quicker than you might anticipate. From the second you hit 1,900 rpm and you’re at peak torque, your foot gets glued to the accelerator as if you can’t (and don’t want to) let off the throttle. It simple terms, it’s addictive... very addictive. The car is also very light. I can’t stress how light and nimble it feels, especially around turns. I haven’t done a dyno or 0-60 test yet but I hear some media outlets have gotten numbers as low as 0-60 in 4.4, which sounds about right.

From a luxury lens, the car has everything you need. It’s probably one of the most technologically advanced vehicles I’ve been in. To be frank, while the interior layout of the S8 is very different - the technology is so similar that you feel like you’re in a car just as advanced as Audi's largest and most expensive S-car. So far, I don’t have a single complaint about the interior and coming from a guy who always finds something to improve on – that’s a testament in itself.
Project S3: Introduction

The plan is to build this S3 in a very tasteful way. Ideally, the finished product would stand out from the crowd without being too loud or cheesy. Below are the plans for my S3 along with some updates of what has been done, what I hope to do and a special thanks to all those who are supporting this project.

As you might expect, anyone with a new car will be quick to want to tailor it to their tastes. This car is no exception and things are already progressing rapidly, both inside and outside. Stay tuned for our first updates coming soon.