Each year, Audi enthusiasts from around the Mid-Atlantic to gather at Reading, Pennsylvania's Pagoda, a 7-story architectural wonder that looks as if it was lifted directly from Japan, curiously situated upon a hilltop 60 miles northwest of Philadelphia.  Utilized for it's open parking lot and relative seclusion just as much as the backdrop itself, locals car enthusiasts know the Pagoda well, a fact proved in part by the burnout marks visible on Google Earth.

Regular site contributor and social media wunderkind Denis Podmarkov was one of the many enthusiasts on hand, taking part in both the gathering itself and the cruise that followed to nearby Blue Marsh Lake for food, drinks and a raffle.  He reports that Audis of nearly all generations were in attendance, which further proves the strength of the brand within the region.  After looking closely at the images, the Pagoda meet is something that we may need to experience for ourselves next year.

Denis sent over his best snaps from the event, all of which can be found right here .