There's no doubt that we're biased toward the subtle OEM+ style when it comes to modifying an automobile. Whether it be a super exotic retro-modernist build like a Singer Porsche 911 or simply factory-looking upgrades made by aftermarket artisans, we're almost always smitten. So, when it comes to companies like Neidfaktor, we watch them closely and report on new products like this carbon fiber singleframe trim for the Audi A1 and S1.


Neidfaktor has been making tailored interior trims and custom carbon fiber parts for the past few years, and specializes in the Audi lineup. This particular piece is one of the first we've seen for the new Audi S1 from the Hamburg-based firm.


Clearly, this frame is also compatible with the Audi A1 as the parts are interchangeable. Even still, we're happy that they went with the higher-performance S1 both for its hot hatch exoticism and also because carbon fiber is especially cool when served with the muted silver grille that is a trademark cue of an Audi S-car.

Check out more information on Neidfaktor's website HERE .