Do the current-generation R8's European market-only sport seats need improving?  Perhaps not, but when Neidfaktor takes on a new project, we can't help but pay close attention.

Covered in black leather with contrasting red stitching and featuring the quintessential Audi-inspired honeycomb stitching, the seats themselves look tame and tasteful.  In fact, it wouldn't be hard to see something similar coming directly from the factory.  But the seat bases are a different story altogether.

Using a combination of carbon fiber and alcantara, the seat bases (and backs) have been classed up quite a bit from the standard molded plastic finish, moving the units upscale aesthetically by a fair amount.  Arguably, its something that Audi should have done from the factory.

See additional images of the Neidfaktor-optimized R8 seats below, and get more from Neidfaktor here .