Neidfaktor has just elevated their game to an entirely different level.  Before I launch into the nuts and bolts of their latest build, just take a look to see what I mean.


Nearly every panel in the interior has been treated to new Leather, Alcantara, Carbon Fiber, or some combination of the three.  Going so far as to cover the window switch panel, rear view mirror and inside of the door pull in carbon fiber, Neidfaktor redefined their already obsessive approach to custom tailoring.  In fact, even the cup holders and seat bolster adjustments have received an Alcantara update- creating an interior on a level that we've frankly never seen before.


And because that simply wasn't enough, Neidfaktor also spent some time focusing on the exterior as well.  While not quite as wild as the inside, the outside is done extremely tastefully, with carbon used sparingly on the grille, front and rear diffusers, roof rails and side mirrors.  In this, Neidfaktor says that they've merely enhanced the OEM cues, maintaining a factory appearance.  We must say, as a complete package, this car looks the business.

Check out more images of the car below, and additional projects from Neidfaktor, here .