Audi, along with the rest of the automotive world, is at a crossroads. The sector is currently fighting to find how it will power cars in the future and how it will keep buyers interested. That’s why research and development has never been more important.

Audi’s chief of R&D, Stefan Knirsch, recently spoke to Motor Trend about the future of Audi at the launch of the SQ7, recently given an innovation award from Autocar magazine.

The interview covers the basics, how to keep cars running in the future, whether diesel or electricity or hydrogen will ever overtake gas in the American market, which Knirsch feels it will.

The head of R&D, though, hasn’t given up on big engines and traditional power. When asked about the RS line, Knirsch not only said that it will continue, but that the naturally aspirated V10 will live on.

Unfortunately, he did say categorically that bigger engines weren’t in the cards for Audi. Instead, excitingly, he says the company is working to reduce weight in their performance cars.

The whole interview is pretty good, and gives you a hint of what’s to come. Read the whole thing over at