With their steady stream of new models, Audi of America has proven yet again what many have known for quite some time- new product is a key driving factor in sales.

Over the past decade, Audi of America has experienced unprecedented growth due partly to being in the right segment at the right time and setting themselves apart as a premium brand, but primarily as a result of a near constant stream of new and newly updated offerings.

So far this year, Audi has seen a 102% increase in sales of their all-new Q7 when compared to 2014's numbers, and a 14% increase of A4 deliveries as the vehicle has just begun arriving at U.S. dealerships.  Audi of America's executive vice president and chief operating officer Mark Del Rosso has publicly acknowledged the role played by "customer response to our newly designed models" as an important factor in the brand's 63 consecutive months of record growth.

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It’s a truism of the auto industry that nothing generates buyers like new models, and Audi sales results in the U.S. market for March underscored that in a major way.

Long-term considerations such as having a premium brand, producing top-quality vehicles and having offerings in the right segments, of course, have been crucial to the growing success of Audi in the American market over the last decade.

The company has introduced a continual stream of all-new products, and significant upgrades of existing models, over that same time frame, which has made untold contributions to a streak of year-over-year monthly sales increases which culminated in 63rd consecutive increase for Audi in March.

The two newest high-volume Audi models were responsible for the biggest relative sales gains over a year ago. The recently introduced, significantly enhanced Q7 SUV posted a 102-percent increase in sales for the year to date through March compared with 2014 level. And the even newer, greatly reworked version of the Audi bread-and-butter sedan, the A4, saw a 14-percent increase over year-earlier levels as the new model was still rolling out to U.S. dealerships.

Mark Del Rosso, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Audi of America, acknowledged in a news release the important role played by “customer response to our newly designed models” which bolstered sales.