Whether you appreciate aftermarket widebody kits or not, it's hard not to be enamored with Kato Wataru and his Japan-based tuning firm Liberty Walk Performance. Liberty Walk got their start tuning cars and building their unique carbon fiber rivet flare body kits for cars like the Nissan GTR, and they just recently introduced their first Audi application with several R8s on display at SEMA just two weeks ago. Now, it appears they're turning their attention to the Audi A5 coupé.

Watch the video below from Friday departure night at SEMA 2014 and you'll see one reason why Kato Wataru is loved in the industry. A rather errant Jeep Wrangler owner rolls into the back of Liberty Walk's Ferrari 458 Italia widebody and he couldn't have been more good natured about the damage.

[vsw id="NkGm_-tBi1w" source="youtube" width="560" height="315" autoplay="no"]

That Liberty Walk's own design language generally makes cars look completely badass is another reason to love their work. No, they're not cheap. No, they're not subtle. Even still, we're happy to see Audi lining up in the crosshairs of Wataru's firm.

So, what's the story behind this lone A5 image? Just as the R8, Wataru Kato is taking delight sharing these teaser images via his own Facebook fan page and
account[/B][/URL] . He uploaded this lone image yesterday with the caption, "LIBERTY WALK LB★WORKS AUDI A5 COOMING SOON?"

We'll keep an eye out for more teaser images. In the meantime, thanks to Tommy M. for the tip.