No, this isn't the first time the TT RS test mules have been spied. Yes, we have reported on this car in development multiple times, but it is notable that this is the first time we've seen the next TT RS in what looks like production RS-spec bodywork.


Up until now, all TT RS test mules have worn bodywork no different than what you'd see on the TTS and TT S line. That was by design, clearly trying to hide the car in plain site. However, as the TT RS moves closer to production and its grand reveal, Audi needs to test with the full complement of production kit. Enter this car.


As you can see, the TT RS gets a more aggressive front bumper that is a handsome evolution of the RS-look featured on the last-generation TT RS. On this car, the rear diffusor is closer to what we've seen on the new RS 3 Sportback, and there's no question what the two large oval tailpipes suggest.

Look closely and you'll see more RS-spec details. Those larger brakes are an obvious tell, though they're subtler than production without any 'RS' or perhaps 'Audi Sport' badging.


If you've been around Audi for any length of time then you likely already know what's planned under the hood. In case you don't, it'll be a carryover of the 2.5 TFSI turbocharged 5-cylinder, albeit bumped up to have more power... perhaps around 400 from what we've heard.

Some might theorize that it could be the 2.0 TFSI with 400+ hp shown in the TT clubsport concept but that is unlikely. That engine, while potent, is not a quattro GmbH engine and has yet to be seen in a production model. While confirmed for an upcoming Golf R400 from Volkswagen and seen in an Audi concept, it is highly unlikely Audi would put anything less than like for like kit that is already in the RS 3 Sportback.


Given we're seeing the TT RS in basically finalized trim, we wouldn't be surprised to see the car show up at an auto show in the near future. Figure any time between now and Geneva next spring.

Check out more photos of the car in our photo gallery archive linked in the usual spots below and also to the right of this story. We've added them to our already large gallery of previously seen TT RS test mules, so we've gone ahead and uploaded all of the latest photos and also embedded those new photos directly into this story.