To many, drag racing is the purest form of motorsport. The strictness of the challenge means that you’re racing as much against yourself as you are the car in the next lane. It’s actually quite a meditative way of interacting with thousands of not-so-tiny explosions. It’s also damned entertaining.

That might explain why I’ve spent the bulk of my afternoon watching these drag racing videos from Estonia's Helix Shell Tartu Drag Races, posted to YouTube by BalkanMotorSport .

The racing happens on a dinky little 1/8 th mile track and most of them involve Audis, both humbly and extremely modified.

Brevity is the greatest virtue of these videos. Few of them last more than 30 seconds, if that, making them perfectly bite sized and very, as the British say, moreish.

With more than 60 videos from released over the past two days, there’s a lot of racing to watch here and a lot of Audi victory to enjoy.