It's officially National Donut Day today, and that can mean only thing, we need to find the finest on YouTube. Are we deliberately misunderstanding the intention of the day to inspire a post? No. We’re deliberately misunderstanding the day to have an excuse to watch hoonage.

One of life’s simplest pleasures is the careful addition of wheelspin to any given situation, and donuts are one of the purest expressions of wheelspin, outpured only by burnouts.

So join us, on this holiest of days, as we explore the sanctified world of the donut.



"Audi TT RS Snow-Donuts (+400 PS)"

An empty parking lot. Snow. A car that sends power to its back wheels. This is the people’s donut. This is the most accessible, the most common, and perhaps the easiest donut to pull off. Yes, the snow-donut, or snownut, as its known among Northerners, is truly a joy to behold. This one, with its snow-white, tuned TT RS gets 4 out of 5 powdered sugar donuts.



"Audi Sport Quattro Doing Awesome Donuts Burnouts!!"

Ever since Gymkhana videos started hitting the web, the donut game has really taken off. Although donuts lovely enough to be enjoyed on their own, these events turn them into an art by giving them purpose and form. That the donuts in question are being performed by one of, if not, the classic Audi only adds to the beauty of this display. 5 out of 5 Cinnamon Sugar Donuts.



"Donut with Audi R8 V10 Plus"

There’s something to be said for storytelling. Sure, we love it when a video just gets to the points gives what we want, but there’s a reason that narrative persists. This video tells its story perfectly and we love it. Exposition: we get establishing shots of the car and we see all the details, slowly revealing the V10ness of the engine and introducing us tour Audiful subject. Rising action: the car sets off, we hear the engine, see the rakish lines, feel the anticipation until finally we reach the climax: the burnout. And the denouement follows. Truly a masterful display of storytelling on par with Spielberg’s best. 4 out of 5 sprinkled donuts.



"B7 Audi A4 donuts"

This is a bit of a repetition, but is on the list because of how unlikely the completion of this snownut looks. Surely the space is too small, the consequences of failure too high, and the entry too poor. And yet, snownut this A4 does. And well. For its unexpected success, we rate this video 5 out of 5 orangesicle donuts.



"Audi S4 2.2T Donuts"

This video is a real testament to the simple elegance of a good donut. No fluff, nothing superfluous, just a car with lots of horsepower breaking traction. 5 out of 5 Krispy Kremes.