If there are two words that best describe the German big three luxury car manufacturers, then it is "model proliferation". That expansive strategy worked when new-to-capitalism markets like China and Russia were buying cars up by the thousands. Unfortunately, and for various reasons, China and Russia have cooled and thus we may be seeing a model retraction. That's the context with which Automobile's Georg Kacher speaks to the latest take on the A7 model range.

No, the A7 isn't on the chopping block (unlike other models such as the 3-door Audi A3). Even still, the A7's position as more expensive and less utilitarian while very structurally similar to the A6 Avant suggests the model needs a slight adjustment as it heads rapidly towards its second full generation evolution.

For Audi's model planners, this means the A8 will become more imposing, while the A7 will retain its elegance while dialing up the extroverted sportiness. That's not to say it'll ditch door count like the Audi prologue concept (shown above in sketch form), but its familiar 5-door layout will get lower, wider and more radical than before and spawn blister fenders like the prologue concept.

Audi design chief Marc Lichte hinted at this when we spoke to him last march. During an interview printed then, the designer stated , "Last year we designed (an A7) successor, and it goes a different way. It will be a lot more emotional and a lot more sporty, because Sportback and Avant are two different concepts.

Interestingly, Kacher says the A7's MMI system will also evolve. Like any new Audi from this point forward, the multi-function dynamic display will be added but so too will a shift from rotary knob to touch screen and even a steering wheel mounted monitor says the report.

On the engine front, the A7 will make most use of the 2.0 TFSI with expected electric turbo to minimize lag and add low-end torque. The next S7 is said to shift to the upcoming 3.0-liter turbo engine expected to be used in RS 4 and RS 5 models and also rumored to be in the next S4. For the S7, this means 500 hp. The RS 7 will continue with a 4.0-liter TFSI engine tuned to about 575 hp.

Also interesting is news that an A7 allroad may be introduced. With limitations on Q nomenclature thanks to Alfa Romeo owning Q2 and Q4 and added to the success of allroad models relative to Avant models, it appears Audi will be adding an A7 allroad amongst several others.

Most of the rumors sited in this story comes from two different 'Deep Dive' columns penned by German auto journalist Georg Kacher. The one focusing on the Audi A7 along with several renders not published on this page can be found HERE , while the other mentioning the A7 allroad can be found HERE .