Circa 2004/2005, Audi Design evolved from the split grille of yore to the Auto Union silver arrow inspired single frame grille. That cue has remained an Audi signature to this day and is expected to carry on for many more, but what if it never existed?

Rendering artist Theophilus Chin chose to examine just this very question recently with a series of photoshop works that endeavour to take a range of current Audi models back in time, from the current singleframe look to a look abandoned at the end of the B6 era.

Back in the early days of the singleframe, traditional Audi enthusiasts were occasionally split. Though the singleframe played well in the mainstream, some traditionalists missed the horizontal grille pioneered by Audi in the 70s and 80s, and utilized on iconic cars like the legendary ur quattro.

Even so, a brand's gotta evolve and Audi moved on with a more bold look of that now immediately recognizable and often copied singleframe. With the exception of a few holdouts who'd paint that central segment that often holds a license plate, pretty much everyone loves the new look

So, what would it look like if Audi chose to go backwards? Well, we think everyone will agree Don Henley when he says, "don't go back you can never go back."

Need more proof? In addition to the image we used for this story, Chin rendered no less than 14 more Audi models in similar guise. You can see them all  HERE .