If that prototype Quattro just below on the front page is a little too much, or maybe you just don't have the garage space, then this might be more up your alley. Lego's latest product idea is a replica of the Audi Sport Quattro that won Pikes Peak in 1987.

The Pikes Peak was a bit of a last gasp for the Sport Quattro. After the Group B ruleset it was designed to dominate ended abruptly in 1986, the company still wanted somewhere to race. It had already won on the Race to the Clouds in 1985, so why not go again.

The 1987 car was driven by Walter Rohrl. With at least 600 hp from the 2.1L turbo five - at sea level at least - the car stormed to the to the fastest.

This Lego Ideas entrant reproduces that.

While many of the ideas featured are designed on a computer, this one was made by hand. The old fashioned way. Brick by brick.

It does a pretty great job of capturing the silhouette and the idea of the Quattro in racer form. It even has the right stickers and graphics. Or at least, close enough for Lego.

In order to get this kit built, it needs votes. So head to the Lego Ideas page and support it. And if you like it, this car could make it to series production and your own hill climb. Or at least kitchen table climb.

[source: Lego ]