Audi's new TT RS has only been official for a few hours now, but we've already come across what just might be one of the best color combinations possible.  Finished in Nardo Grey with a brown leather interior with polished 20" wheels, not only does the TT RS look great, but it's also quite reminiscent of the Mk1's classic Nimbus Grey-over-Baseball glove aesthetic.  That's something we can all get behind.

Apart from what we can see, we'll need to wait for the TT RS's order guide to see what other features this particular example is hiding, but the one thing that immediately sticks out is the alu-optic trim, including the mirrors, front bumper trim and rear diffuser surround.  While we may prefer carbon optic whenever it's offered, we can all agree that alu simply looks perfect on this car.

Check out additional photos of this TT RS below, and learn more about the new RS here.