As one of the greatest racecars to never exist, the Audi Gruppe S Prototype is something of a legend among Audi faithful and WRC enthusiasts.  As George has gone into great detail about the car in the past, we'll defer to his piece for background information, and focus in on these recent photos of the car from Benno Reiss-Zimmermann.

Taken for , Benno was able to get nearly unprecedented access to the vehicle, taking photos of it both inside an Audi Sport facility, and out in the open.  Seeing as this is effectively a one-of-one prototype, the shots are simply too good to pass up.

Due to the outright rarity of the Audi Gruppe S Prototype, this just might be the closest many of us ever get to it.  Thankfully, the 50 images do not disappoint.

Take a look at the entire gallery,  right here.