The debut of the upcoming Audi A5 range is hotly anticipated. Last time around the A5 dropped ahead of the A4, but this time around it's just the opposite. With the A4 revealed in September, we expect the A5 to drop very soon. For those who can't wait, we offer this A5 Sportback rendering by Tobias Büttner.

Büttner is a rendering artist we regularly feature here on Fourtitude. His work is well crafted, and often very consistent with Audi design. In as much, it offers a great peak at what may come from Audi very, very soon.


Of course the A5 range will move on to the new generation relatively unchanged when it comes to body style offerings. Expect a 2-door coupe, drop-top Cabriolet and 5-door hatchback Sportback. These renderings depict the latter.

Last time around, Audi offered both A5 and S5 versions of the Sportback. We're hearing this might expand for the B9 generation, adding in an RS 5 variant as well. Only coupe and Roadster have been offered thus far, but perhaps the success of the RS 7 has swayed Audi into adding a "little brother".